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Christmas Party Anyone? Why You Should Try a Hotel Venue This Year

Work Christmas parties can be one of the highlights of the year, or a total flop, depending on who organises them and the venue that’s chosen. It’s a big responsibility for anyone, and one that can create friction in the workplace.

So if you’re in charge of organising your Christmas party for work this year, read on for a few insights and tips. They’ll help you arrange a festive night out with your colleagues that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Tips to help you organise your Christmas party

Choosing the venue

Christmas party venues typically start advertising very early on, and it’s important to act quickly in finding the right place. If you don’t, you could find there are very few options available.

Hotels are a great choice for Christmas parties. They’re already set up to host special events and celebrations, with everything you need on hand. Hotel venues will have connections with local DJs and bands if you’re planning more than just a meal, and typically offer a range of budget-friendly packages.

Know your numbers

One of the most challenging elements of arranging work Christmas parties is getting people to commit to the date and cost, and make their choice of meal. You’ll also need to collect a deposit from everyone attending, to secure the venue.

Technology can help enormously here, and if it’s a small, low-key Christmas gathering you can even split the remaining part of the bill on the night using an app. To book the venue, though, you’ll need an approximate idea of how many people intend to go.

Check out the venue in person

Nothing beats seeing a potential venue in person. You get an idea of customer service levels, cleanliness, and the facilities available, and can make a more informed decision even if the hotel isn’t yet decorated for Christmas.

Seeing the room you’re hiring also confirms whether it’s large enough, and whether you can book it exclusively for your group. You should be shown pictures of previous Christmas events, how the room was laid out, and decorated, to give you a better idea.

Make your work Christmas party the best ever

A further consideration is whether there are any special dietary requirements in your group, such as gluten intolerance or nut allergies. You’ll need to ensure the venue is aware and can cater for these.

A venue that offers flexibility and a variety of options makes your job easier as organiser. If you already have an idea of your requirements before you get in touch, you’ll be able to develop a shortlist of good hotel venues, and discard the others.

Hotels offer the perfect setting for your Christmas parties, and if it’s an older hotel you’ll also enjoy the stunning backdrop of period styling.  

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